Research & Leadership Development


Our program supports a commitment to resident research and leadership development. During clinical years, residents are encouraged to maintain an active research project. In addition, residents must complete a minimum of one year of full time, concentrated research free from clinical responsibilities.

Our residents are consistently productive and exposed to leaders in surgery locally, regionally, and nationally. Our current group of residents has over 50 publications and presented over 20 oral presentations and posters at national and local surgery conferences.

Our residents are annual winners of awards that recognize achievements in basic science, clinical science, and quality improvement. Uniquely, our program is also supportive of residents who want to pursue interests outside of clinical or basic science research. Critical care fellowships, other degree programs (MPH, MBA), medical education fellowships and health correspondence internships are all areas that our residents have pursued.

We believe this dedicated year is an important component of our leadership development as young researchers, clinicians and community advocates. In addition, our department has developed one of the FIRST Team Leadership Development programs for surgical residents in the country. Our Team Leadership Series is a yearlong series for all residents to help guide their development as team players, leaders and advocates. Curriculum topics include:

  • Psychological Safety
  • Team Dynamics
  • Team Development
  • Conflict, Power and Influence
  • Communication and Decision Making
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Emotional Intelligence