About the GW ACS Fellowship

The George Washington University Hospital has a longstanding tradition of excellence in critical care and Trauma. APACHE was first described at GWUH by Drs. Knaus and Zimmerman and President Ronald Regan received his trauma care at the George Washington University Hospital. There is a deep history of research and academic achievement that has allowed for the creation of a robust learning environment for persons interested in pursuing Acute Care Surgery careers. GW Hospital is an ACS verified Level 1 trauma center, comprehensive stroke center, and as a quaternary care center provides ECMO and Kidney and Liver Transplant Services. GW is the leader in providing advanced ACS care in the Washington, DC area. We were the first center to use Whole Blood and are recognized as a Chest Wall injury Society Collaborative Center of Excellence and a p-REBOA Center of Excellence. Given our location in Washington DC, we see a wide breadth of disease including urban trauma and advanced disease in patients with barriers to health care.

The GW Surgical Acute Care Surgery Fellowship is a 2-year multidisciplinary program. The first year is in the acgme Surgical Critical Care fellowship with a uniquely GW experience in that it exposes the fellow to all aspects of critical care and trauma, including advanced cardiothoracic and medical diseases. Flanked by a cadre of residents from all departments as well as a multidisciplinary group of attending intensivists, the fellow serves as the nexus for all decision making thereby giving them an immersive experience in team management, patient triage, creation of plans of care, and procedures. The goal of the first year is to assist you in becoming an intensive care trained surgeon who can care for a broad spectrum of critical illness with specific specialty training in surgical, trauma, neuro critical care and ECMO.

The second year will focus on the clinical and operative aspects of Acute Care Surgery. This includes serving as junior faculty on the Acute Care Surgery Service and continuing to grow your operative experience with both Thoracic and Vascular procedures as well. GW’s ACS service, known in the area as CTACC-Center for Trauma and Critical Care- is creating a legacy of providing robotic acute care surgery in the District of Columbia and surrounding areas. During the fellowship, the ACS fellow will have the opportunity to undergo robotic training and complete their proctored cases to become fully independent in Robotics for General Surgery.