Message from the Chair

Dr. Anton Sidawy


The Department of Surgery at the School of Medicine and Health Sciences has a long tradition, dating back to Dr. Brian Blades (Department Chair 1946-1970), of training and developing excellent clinical surgeons who have benefitted their communities. Now and in the future, a surgeon must not only care for patients, but must also interact effectively with government and community leadership, while addressing the concerns of a well-informed patient population. This more complicated workplace will require that surgeons harness their intellectual and social abilities to the fullest.

Our department has always been comprised of gifted individuals with outstanding surgical skill and judgment, interpersonal skills, innovators in various surgical disciplines. As we move forward in a rapidly and growing profession, we will continue to seek diverse faculty, residents and staff to reach our highest potential as clinicians, leaders, educators and patient advocates.

With respect to our residency program, over the last 15 years, we have directed our efforts toward training outstanding academically oriented surgeons. This has been quite successful, and most of our graduates have gone on to rewarding academic positions or fellowships. Training diverse and clinically competent surgeons with high academic potential will remain the focus of our residency program.

I truly want everyone joining our team to have not only an extraordinary experience but also a memorable one. I am pleased that you are considering our department and I have confidence that we will contribute positively and significantly to your surgical career.

Anton N. Sidawy, MD, MPH, FACS,
Professor and Chairman
Lewis B. Saltz Chair and Professor of Surgery
Department of Surgery