Acute Care Surgery Fellowship

Critical Care Services at the George Washington University date back to the 1970s. Not long after, the trauma center first began at the time of the attempted assassination of President Reagan. We have combined these two strong legacies into the Acute Care Surgery Fellowship Program. Our two year program is unique in that the first year is a completely integrated, multidisciplinary program that provides the fellow with a very wide and deep intensive care experience while also offering operative growth. Our second year will also allow our fellow to participate in cutting edge trauma and acs care. We are looking for individuals who are self-motivated, have a genuine desire to learn all facets of acute care surgery, function well with clinicians from other disciplines, and have a desire to teach. We firmly believe that Acute Care Surgery requires multidisciplinary effort and strive to educate our fellows using this model. We utilize a variety of teaching techniques including formal lecture, simulation, bedside teaching, journal club, and M&M conference to ensure that we graduate fellows who can practice in any Acute Care Surgery program across the country and have the tools necessary to disseminate the knowledge they have gained.

Our faculty welcome your application to our program and look forward to meeting you.

Jordan M. Estroff, MD, FACS
Program Director

Jordan Estroff, MD, FACS

Jordan Estroff, MD, FACS,

Program Director

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